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    vike commented  · 

    Pardon if i'm bumping this old thread but i just wanted to inform, noticing version 5.7.1 release note to "Use bind IP for HTTP based version checks [Parg]", though a quick diff on some here previously and not so mentioned suspects shows nothing significant, as of the update from version 5.7 to 5.7.1, the TransferStatsView now shows my VPN IP# (and ASName).

    vike supported this idea  · 
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    vike commented  · 

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm embarrassed to say that i once again have failed to even once confirm my network connection setting of my cell phone, thinking i was using a different ISP to verify that a tracker's web wasn't just repeating the browser's IP#, i was still on my own wireless net instead of the cellular IPS's *sigh*.

    So, the lion's share of my concerns are invalid, good riddance.

    I thank you especially for mentioning the local HTTP server and ClientIDManagerImpl as this still is a minor privacy/anonymity issue in that it exposes a VPN-user's IP# as using BT.

    This is also a minor issue in that, apart from my own mindlessness and that the tracker's web printed my ISP IP# along with my Vuze client information, Vuze itself had me wondering with its incorrect `NetworkAdmin.getSingleton().getDefaultPublicAddress()` (and `speedManager.getASN()`) in All of which was also how i found my initial post's code references.

    Connecting to those two parts of this issue (the second with the `speedManager.getASN()`) is a question about whether the SpeedManager (auto-speed - i use the modern beta) is probing over the VPN or my ISP. As exposing IP# as using BT is actually no concern for me, i see this mostly as a question about the accuracy of the SpeedManager. Do you know how it does its connections?

    Let me know if you think any of this should be moved/posted elsewhere. I wrote here thinking of a ticket-system.

    Another thing, connected to not binding traffic to the VPN IP#, is that i discovered that (Apple's) Java's URLConnection doesn't seem to use the (Apple) OS's proxy settings (PAC at least).
    This made my proxy-solution invalid as well. Oh well, at least my proxy got a few more rows and capabilities for next net-hack.

    Excuse my tl;dr post - i post seldom but lengthy.

    vike shared this idea  · 
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