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    notnetnotbobdotnotcom7 commented  · 

    There are too many misleading options in the install. Don't want junkware:
    Easy just click on decline, now for the next junkware option oops decline is now on the other side and accept is right under your mouse. Ok next. oops I need to click cancel to continue next means install junkware. Now just click "no", "no", "yes", "continue", "cancel", "ok", uncheck the three boxes, then cancel (NOT install), then "go", "quit", "ok", and finish (not the big finish button that installs junkware, close that window and click the little tiny finish button). Now scan your computer and you are good to go on installing vuze (unless you made a mistake or they changed something in which case lots of new toolbars are downloading from the internet and installing with a delay). Now you can reconnect to the internet (cross your fingers). Grandma (or anyone you know?) can follow that logic right?

    How about a big button in the install process that says "install optional software" which leads to a list of the software they propose to install, and another equally big button that is equally legible that says "Don't install any optional software".

    notnetnotbobdotnotcom7 supported this idea  · 
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