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Oel Mejas Snelschiger

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    Oel Mejas Snelschiger commented  · 

    I would like to back this complaint - Vuze, like everybody else who bundle the likes of Spigot, know that these programs are unwelcome and reduce the quality of what was previously a great program, basically inconveniencing and disrupting the user's experience to the benefit of a third party. Like many others I, a long term Vuze user of going on 10 years have uninstalled Vuze with no intention of returning and am frankly upset by Vuze's decision to include this malware. Like numerous other users I went through advanced/custom installation options to avoid malware and found Spigot to be unscrupulously bundled and installed on my computer, modifying it's behaviour to my detriment.

    It seems to me that I work (provide services that are required by others) in exchange for money (which I use to acquire the service I desire). I also treat people with respect and generosity to seek the same in return. This attitude and these practices are at large, resulting in a desirable and rewarding 'light side' that we all have the oportunity to be involved in if we choose. on the other hand the practices of lying, deceiving and exploiting others as an alternative means to acquire are at large, and are an available option at large should we choose to follwo this route - the dark side. Vuze seems to have gone to this side, which is a terrible shame.

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